The Sea-Wolf and Other Sea Monsters - Episode 4

On this voyage through classic literature, we join Humphrey van Weyden and follow his struggle to survive on the ominous ship The Ghost.

A couple of notes on this episode:
  1. At one point I mistakenly imply I rated the book 3 stars.  (I actually gave it a 4.)
  2. I apologize for the amount of background noise.  It may have been the chair I was sitting in - I'll try to improve the setup next time around. 
Have you read The Sea-Wolf (or other similar sea stories)?  Let me know what you thought of it!


Stephen said…
The Sea Wolf is probably my favorite piece by London, in part because of the debate between the 'gentleman' and the Nietschze 'overman over their respective philosophies, but mostly because of Humpfrey's maturation. In the beginning, he's only half a man -- he has brains and manners, but he's technically incompetent and physically inactive. His trial on the ship changes him so that he is developed more in full, a fuller participant in the human experience. I think my favorite part is where he exults in what he has done with his own two hands.
Marian H said…
Yes, it's interesting to see how he goes from merely "survival mode" to actual pride in his new strength and accomplishments. I loved the debates between him and Wolf, too.

Might be the reason I haven't yet picked up other London novels... this one would be hard to beat!

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